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Beech SNB (RC-45J)

The Beech SNB (RC-45J)

Beech SNB N4207

The Indiana Wing maintains and provides rides in a Beech SNB (photo credit, Brandon Thurston), a US Navy/Marine variant of the civilian Model 18 Twin Beech.  Over half of the 10,000 Twin Beech produced between 1937 and 1970 were delivered to the US Military.  Military designations and uses include:

C-45 and JRB-2/4 Expeditor, AAF/Navy/Marine light transport

AT-7 and SNB-2 Navigator (AAF/Navy/Marine navigation trainer)

AT-11 and SNB-1 Kansan (AAF/Navy/Marine bombing and gunnery trainer)

F-2 and and SNB-2P/5P and JRB-1/3 (AAF/Navy/Marine photo-reconnaissance).  

Many Twin Beech aircraft survive today after serving post-military as relative inexpensive, reliable light cargo aircraft. N4207 was manufactured by Beech Aircraft Corp, Wichita, Kansas, 1943 as a Navy/Marine SNB-2, BuNos 67124 (c/n 4664).  In 1954 it was remanufactured by Beech and redesignated by the Navy to a model SNB-5P, a photo reconnaissance trainer.  In 1962 the Navy redesignated it to a model RC-45J.  N4207 was stationed at NAS/MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and NAS Pensacola, Florida, both stations being major naval aviation training facilities since before WWII.  N4207 was purchased by the Commemorative Air Force in 1983, restored to flying condition by 1995, and was re-assigned to the Indiana Wing in 2014.   

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