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The L-2A Grasshopper

The Indiana Wing is the proud owner of a L-2A Grasshopper, an American observation and liaison aircraft built by Taylorcraft in May 1943 for the US Army Air Forces in World War II.  The AAF began using the L-2 for spotting enemy troop and supply concentrations and directing artillery fire on them. It was also used for other types of liaison and transport duties and short-range reconnaissance which required airplanes that could land and take off in minimum distances from unprepared landing strips. The Indiana Wing received assignment of the aircraft in 2008.  

Current Pilots/Sponsors Hangar Donated by Sheridan Airport (5I4)

Col. Mark Owens

Col. Dennis Schell

L-2A Facts

Crew: two, pilot and observer

Length: 22 ft 9 in

Wingspan: 35 ft 5 in

Height: 6 ft 8 in

Empty weight: 680 lb

Loaded weight: 1,200 lb

Engine: 1× Cont. O-170-3, 65 hp

Maximum speed: 93 mph

Cruise speed: 83 mph

Stall speed: 35 mph

Range: 230 miles

Service ceiling: 10,400 ft

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