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The L-2A Grasshopper

The Indiana Wing is the proud owner of a L-2A Grasshopper, an American observation and liaison aircraft built by Taylorcraft in May 1943 for the US Army Air Forces in World War II.  The AAF began using the L-2 for spotting enemy troop and supply concentrations and directing artillery fire on them. It was also used for other types of liaison and transport duties and short-range reconnaissance which required airplanes that could land and take off in minimum distances from unprepared landing strips. The Indiana Wing received assignment of the aircraft in 2008.  


Col. Floyd Hollandbeck

Col. Mark Owens

Col. Dennis Schell

Col. Jack Vandeventer

L-2A Facts

Crew: two, pilot and observer

Length: 22 ft 9 in

Wingspan: 35 ft 5 in

Height: 6 ft 8 in

Empty weight: 680 lb

Loaded weight: 1,200 lb

Engine: 1× Cont. O-170-3, 65 hp

Maximum speed: 93 mph

Cruise speed: 83 mph

Stall speed: 35 mph

Range: 230 miles

Service ceiling: 10,400 ft

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