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PT-26 On Approach

CAF Headquarters, Wings, and Squadrons
Commemorative Air Force - Midland, TX
Air Power Museum
Alaska Wing
Arizona Wing
Golden Gate Wing
Southern California Wing
California- Inland Empire Wing
Air Group One Wing
Third Pursuit Wing
Rocky Mountain Wing
Mile High Wing
Florida Wing
Dixie Wing
Great Lakes Wing
Heart of America Wing
Jayhawk Wing
Lake Superior Detachment 101
Minnesota Wing
Missouri Wing
Great Plains Wing
Lobo Wing
Carolinas Wing
Cleveland Wing
Ohio Valley Wing
Oklahoma Wing
Sierra Hotel A-26 Sponsor Group
Spirit of Tulsa Squadron
Keystone Wing
Memphis Wing
Dewline Wing
Rio Grande Valley Wing
Texas-Highland Lakes Squadron
Texas-3rd Coast Squadron
Dallas/Fort Worth Wing
Texas-Gulf Coast Wing
West Houston Squadron
Lonestar Wing
High Sky Wing
Centex Wing
Utah Wing
Old Dominion Squadron
National Capital Squadron
B-29/B-24 Squadron
Marshalling Detachment
Australian Wing
Swiss Wing
Wisconsin Wing
Memphis Wing
CAF Air Shows

Aircraft and Aircraft Organizations
Indianapolis Aero Club
EAA Warbirds of America - Indiana Squadron 3
Grumman S2F Tracker Repository
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
The Fairchild Club
American Military Heritage Foundation (PV-2 Harpoon "Hot Stuff")
PV-2 Harpoon
Hump Pilots
Historical Aircraft Squadron
OV-10 Bronco Association
OV-1 Mohawk Association
Black Ponies
Covey FAC
U.S. Army Otter-Caribou Association
The C-7A Caribou Association
Cessna T-50 Website
F-4 Phantom Society
A-26 Legacy

Warbirds and Airshows
Indy Transponder
2008 Air Show Schedule from Aero-Pix
ICAS Airshow Schedules
Air Show Buzz
2008 Air Show Schedule from
2008 Worldwide Air Show Schedule from Aeroflight
AirShows Calendar
Air Support
Dave Dacy Airshows
David Schultz Airshows

Indiana Airshows
Indianapolis Airshow
Evansville Airshow - Freedom Festival
Kokomo Wings and Wheels
Gary's South Shore Airshow
Marion Fly/In Cruise/In

88th Infantry Division- First Allied Division into Rome, June 4, 1944
88th Infantry Division Association - 344 days of combat; 15173 casualties; 14,000 originally landed in Italy
88th Division History
88th Division History from Military History Online
88th Division Wikipedia
Liberation of Cornuda, Italy - April 30,1945 by 88th Division

The Mid Atlantic Air Museum
Yankee Air Museum
Motts Military Museum
Grissom Air Museum
MAPS Air Museum
Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum
D-Day Museum
Tennessee Museum of Aviation
Historic Wendover Airfield

PT Boats, Inc
Brown Water Navy Pages by Kent Hawley
USS Alabama
LST-325 and LST Memorial
Navy Seal and UDT Museum

Stryker Armored Vehicle
M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle
V100 / M706 Commando
Ropkey Armor Museum
World War II Vehicle Museum and Learning Center

Warbirds and Related
Warbirds and Airshows
Warbird Digest
Redhorse Aviation
Trojan Horsemen
Warbird Depot
P-47 WWII Video


The Indiana Wing can be contacted at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it