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The PT-26 Cornell

The Indiana Wing is the proud owner of a PT-26 Cornell, which was used during the period of WWII as a primary trainer with both the USAAF and the RCAF.  N60535 was manufactured by Fleet Aircraft, Ltd., Fort Erie, Canada in December of 1944.  After the war it passed through various owners until the Indiana Wing took possession of the aircraft in 1981.  In 1986 the Cornell was removed from service for a total restoration, and in October of 1999 the PT-26 again took flight from the Mt. Comfort airport just east of Indianapolis where she had been undergoing restoration for the past 12 years.  

Current Pilots/Sponsors

Col. John Bennett

Col. Bruce Cooper

Col. Rich Quinnette

Col. Dennis Schell

Col. Laura Stants

PT-26 Facts

Mission:  WWII Primary Trainer (PT)

Armaments:  None

Designed by:  Fairchild Aircraft, Hagerstown, Maryland

Manufactured under contract by :  Fleet Aircraft, Ltd, Fort Erie, Canada

USAAF/RCAF Model:  Cornell II

Manufacurer's Serial No.:  FX-146

Powerplant:  Ranger, inline inverted 6 cylinder, 200HP

Original Design and Assembly: 1939

N060535 Assembly:  December 1944

Total PT-26's manufactured:  1,727

Estimated Number Currently flying:  76 (4.4% of original produced)  


Two-place, tandem seating

Cantilever low-wing monoplane with fabric covered, welded steel tube fuselage

Fixed landing gear

Plywood-covered wood center section, outer wing panels and tail assembly

Length:  27'11"

Wing Span:  36'

Height:  7'6"

Max Gross weight:  2740 lbs.

Empty weight:  2022 lbs.


Takeoff speed:  60-65 mph

Best climb Speed:  80 mph

Best Glide Speed:  80 mph

Best Rate of Climb:  870 fpm

Max. Air Speed:  126 mph

Cruise Speed @ 1815 RPM@ 3,000 ft:  103/108 mph IAS/TAS

Maximum Diving Speed:  191 mph ("Old" Pilots say, Don't try it!")

Maximum Flaps Extend Speed: 95 mph

Stall Speed: 61 mph

Service Ceiling: 13,500 ft.

Fuel use at Cruise: 13.5 gph

Fuel Capacity:  49 gals. total; 45 gals. usable

Range with 40 gallons:  220-320 statute miles

The Indiana Wing can be contacted at:  Indiana Wing Email

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